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Specialist Mortgage Advice in York

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Specialist Mortgage Advice in York

Navigate a complex mortgage scenario with ease. Specialist mortgage advice in York tailored for your individual financial situation.

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Creating solutions for specialist mortgage scenarios in York

Getting a mortgage isn’t always easy, and we know that from over 20 years of experience! This can become even more of an issue if you are in the middles of a complicated situation.

Our job is to help you overcome these hardships and hurdles to help you secure a mortgage deal that is suited for your individual situation. During your mortgage application, we will look at your affordability, reliability and credit file. If we are not able to offer you lender’s high street products, we may be able to find you a better deal through a specialist lender.

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Specialist Mortgage Advice in York

Facing a complicated mortgage situation in York?

If you are more suited to specialist products, we will recommend that you take one of these up so that you are more likely to be accepted. The only downside to some specialist products is that you may be required to put down a larger deposit; your credit score will play a huge role in this deciding factor.

As a trusted mortgage broker in York, we have access to 1000s of specialist mortgage products through many different lenders. It’s our job to try and find the right one for you. In the past, we’ve been able to help customers with bad credit secure a mortgage suitable to their situation.

Don’t be put off by these types of products, if you’re getting declined by a high street lender, there may be a reason and you may need to consider specialist products.

Book Your Free Mortgage Appointment with a Mortgage Expert in York

If you’ve recently been declined by a bank or building society, we would advise you to stop applying. The more that you apply and get declined, the more harm you do to your credit score.

Every customer can benefit from a free mortgage appointment in York. During this appointment, you will get to speak to a mortgage expert who will look over your current personal and financial circumstances to determine whether getting a mortgage in your situation is possible. Simply book your free mortgage appointment online or by giving us a call.

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FAQs for Specialist Mortgage Situations in York

What is bad credit for a mortgage in York?

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When we talk about “bad credit” in the context of mortgages, it relates to a scenario where a borrower has a track record of financial issues that could hinder their chances of getting a traditional mortgage through high street lenders.

While a poor credit history can indeed present obstacles in obtaining a mortgage, there are specialist lenders that exist that may be able to help.

Can I remove a CCJ from my credit file in York?

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The removal of a CCJ from your credit file is not a straightforward process, except in cases where it was issued in error or if you’ve paid it in full within 30 days of receiving the judgment.

In all other instances, a CCJ remains on your credit file for a duration of six years from the date of issuance, regardless of whether you later settle the associated debt.

Do you require a specialist mortgage advisor in York?

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While it’s not a requirement to get the services of a specialist mortgage advisor in York, it is strongly recommended, especially if you find yourself in unique financial situations like bad credit or self employment.

Seeking mortgage advice in York proves invaluable in navigating through tailored mortgage options, particularly if you face challenges in qualifying for standard mortgages offered by high street mortgage lenders.

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Our Simple Mortgage Process

Free 30-Minute Mortgage Appointment

Step 1

During your free mortgage consultation with a mortgage advisor in York, you will be asked for details about your income and expenses.

This information is crucial for assessing your affordability and ensuring tailored mortgage recommendations.

We Can Search 1000s of Mortgage Deals

Step 2

While specific circumstances may impose limitations, we can explore 1000s of deals to discover the best solution for you.

Following this, our next objective is to secure an agreement in principle, a valuable document that can support any purchase offers you make.

Submit Your Mortgage Application

Step 3

Once you have a purchase offer accepted, we can begin preparing and get ready to submit your mortgage application.

During this part of the process, you will be paired with a case manager who will be right by your side until you get the keys to your new home.

Protecting You and Your Mortgage

Step 4

Our service does not just include finding the best mortgage for your individual situation, we also want to make sure that you and your family are protected.

You will be presented with a series of insurance options that protect you from anything going wrong in the future. This is a recommendation, you do not have to take out any of these polices.

Reasons to Choose us

Free Mortgage Appointment

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We’re open and honest with our customers. Our mortgage advisors in York will be clear and transparent at all times.

We offer every customer a free mortgage appointment. You can book online or by giving us a call, whichever option suits you!

1000s of Deals

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On panel, we have many different types of mortgage lenders that each hold their own unique types of mortgage products.

Your mortgage advisor in York will search endlessly in order to find the most suitable mortgage product tailored to your specific requirements.

Our Service

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We’ve been working within the industry for over 20 years, we know what we’re doing. We can apply our knowledge and expertise directly to your case.

Support and guidance are available throughout the whole process – from start to finish!

7 Days a Week

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Connecting you to a mortgage advisor in York straight away is very important to us. We want you to get the mortgage advice that you need as fast as possible.

This is why mortgage appointments are available at daytimes, evenings or weekends, 7 days a week!

Malcolm and Amy Davidson - Mortgage Advice in York

We Search 1000s of Specialist Mortgage Deals in York

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Specialist Mortgage Scenarios in York

Property Down Valuation

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If your offer has been accepted on a property, but your property survey shows that you’re paying more than the property’s worth, your lender may pull out of the deal. They will not want to give you more money than you need.

This is called a down valuation. The situation can get complicated and slow down your process if you don’t act quickly.

Divorce & Separation Mortgage Advice

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During a divorce or separation, your financial commitments with your ex-partner should be sorted sooner rather than later. If you’re still linked to the mortgage that you took out with your ex-partner, it may be beneficial for you to remove yours or your ex’s name from the mortgage.

We will try our hardest to make all of this stress away from you during this difficult time.

Single Name Mortgages for Married Applicants

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If you’re married but want to take out a mortgage that’s just in your name, you’ll need to be able to prove that you can afford it.

Lenders need to know that you’re a reliable applicant that will be able to keep up with your monthly mortgage payments before they can offer you anything.

Shared Ownership

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The shared ownership scheme allows you to take out a mortgage on a percentage of a property. This can be anywhere between 10%-75%.

You can even take 100% ownership of the property further down the line if that’s what you want to do.

Professional Mortgages

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Professional mortgages are only available to certain professions. You may fit into one of these categories, contact us to find out what you can access.

Second Home Mortgages

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If you’re looking to take out a mortgage on another property, you will need to prove that you can afford two sets of payments first.

It’s likely that you’ll have to put down a higher deposit during this purchase.

Holiday Home / Let Mortgages

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When you’re buying a holiday home, you’ll have to think about whether you’re going to let it out or not. You may be able to make some extra money if you rent it out whilst you’re not living there.

If you’re looking to purchase a holiday home, feel free to get in touch with our team.

New Build Mortgages

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New builds usually come with higher price tags. If you’re struggling to meet your deposit target, perhaps utilising a government scheme is an option.

Non-Standard Construction Property Mortgages

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‘Non-standard’ construction properties are pretty much properties that aren’t made of brick and mortar. You’ll need to try and take out a specialist mortgage product on a property like this.

We would also recommend a full structural property survey if you’re buying a property like this.

HMO Mortgages

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These mortgages are usually taken out by landlords. If you want to take out an HMO mortgage, you will need to speak with a mortgage specialist.

Our buy to let experts in York may be able to help you get started.

Mortgages Past Retirement / Lifetime Mortgages

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You can take out a mortgage past retirement through the ways of a lifetime mortgage. You will get a lump sum of money, however, you may struggle to pay it off.

Equity release and lifetime mortgage advice is available at Yorkmoneyman. Get in touch for more information.

Offset Mortgages

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This type of mortgage can allow you to link your savings to a mortgage. They can often have competitive interest rates.

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