If you are a first time buyer in York taking that first step onto the property ladder or home mover in York looking for a change in location but are unsure on where to live in York, we are here to help. Our expert Mortgage Advisors in York have created a list of the top things to keep in mind when deciding on a location.

10 Factors to Help You Decide Where to Live in York

1. Urban vs Rural

To start, you need to establish whether you are looking for a city or rural landscape to live in. The bustling city centre of York may be the perfect place for you if you are looking for a lively atmosphere or the quiet and quaint rural areas to escape the city centre could be your thing.

2. Transport links

Transport links can be an important element to some, especially if the reason for moving or locating within York was to be closer to family or work. Therefore, checking how close you are to the train station or bus stops or even main roads in and out of the city if you do drive could be a factor you need to look at.

3. Local schools

Sometimes, people look for a property to be there ‘forever home’ where they want to start a family or where they want their family to live in for a long time. As well as the size of the property, it’s best for you to look at the schools around the area. There are plenty of authority websites and school league tables where you can look at how schools are performing.

4. Nearby amenities

It can be handy if you are located in an area where lots of facilities are just a short walk from your home. Obviously, everyone’s priorities and situations are different, you may want find a gym being close is more important to you or a certain food shop you prefer, this is where you can highlight your priorities when comparing areas. Again, people with children may want a local park to be within close proximity of where your home is.

Speaking to an estate agent can be good if you are wanting to know what is nearby, however, Google Maps does have helpful information regarding the facilities in the area and can provide you with an insight into how reputable these facilities are.

5. Friends and family

The deciding factor on a property could be whether you are close to your friends and family. Sometimes, this can be convenient as you can help each other out whether it be for childcare or transport. However, some prefer their own space and don’t need the help of their family and friends, this all comes down to your preferences.

6. Value for money

When it comes to house prices, as well the property size, this comes to location. If your goal is to get somewhere that is value for your money, it can be best to look at an area in York that is a bit more reasonable. Because of this, you may need to compromise on additional preferences that you have decided on.

7. Community

A thriving and friendly community may be your priority especially if you are looking to make some friends in the area. Facebook groups can be great for this with a number of communities also having their own websites. To truly feel the community spirit, it can be helpful to visit the area a couple of times before making a final decision.

8. Career choices

Normally, the main reason for people to Move House in York is due to a career change which in turn means a location change. It’s likely that you are wanting a short commute to your work which could be the deciding factor on a property. If you are looking for jobs after the move, researching the business parks and the types of employers around the area can help you and can give you an idea of what is available to you in the area.

9. Property type

With a large selection of houses out there, there is plenty of properties to look at that could fit your preferences. You may decide an urban apartment just for you is the place or an end terrace with a beautiful garden would be perfect for you and your family. Exploring the various property options out there can be brilliant to find which one fits you and your circumstances.

When you have got an offer accepted, it’s good to be sure that your property is actually the amount it’s worth. Getting a property survey carried out on your property can truly determine whether or not your property is the amount it’s worth. There many types of property surveys out there which is why our handy guide on the types of property surveys could be helpful to you. Alternatively, a member of our team is more than happy to help you with this.

10. Investment

If you are looking to stay in your new home for a long time, it can be best to research if there is any planned investment within the area. You need to see whether potential investments will benefit you and not take away any of the other previous factors. For instance, if you are interested in a property in an overall quiet area but there are plans for further housing development near you, would this effect you?

Towards the end of your fixed mortgage terms, you might decide you want to stay in your current property instead of moving. This is when you can look at starting your Remortgage application!

In the current climate where many have gone full remote working since the coronavirus pandemic, having an area where you can work is important. A remortgage can give you the chance to make developments and modifications in your home like converting your kitchen, living room or even remortgaging for a home office in York.

Where to Live Mortgage Advice in York

When you have built up a large amount of savings for a deposit on your first property and are in a position where you can behind your mortgage journey. It’s then time to prepare for a mortgage in York!

Date Last Edited: December 19, 2023