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How to Negotiate on a Property Price in York

How to make an offer on a property?

The first thing First-Time Buyers in York need to remember when making an offer on a property is to remember that there are other potential buyers. Therefore, it is vital to get your portfolio looking as good as possible to get yourself ahead. Additionally, this will give you the advantage of getting your offer accepted.

Despite all your best efforts, if a cash buyer makes an offer, they will gain priority. The reason for this is because there are fewer variables that can go wrong, and the process can get completed faster. Luckily, cash buyers seem to be not as apparent these days.

The most recommended pathway is to send over a copy of your Mortgage Agreement in Principle to the Estate Agent. Additionally, this will get you ahead of the other potential buyers who are also in the running if they haven’t yet got theirs sorted.  We can produce an Agreement in principle very quickly. If it appears that you have a straightforward case, then we are also able to offer a “same day service”.

What’re the best ways to go about offers?

Getting a mortgage is about negotiating. It will most likely turn out that your initial offer will get rejected but rest assured, this gets expected. If this happens, you will be given an option by your Estate Agent to increase the bid. It is best to be sensible and go for the amount, which seems the most reasonable price to which you can afford.

If your second offer is also not accepted, one of the reasons could be down to willingness towards the payment of the asking price. Therefore, if the property is new to the market and the asking price seems too high, sometimes the best option is to be prepared to find another property.

“Sold” prices on Property websites such as Zoopla and Rightmove can be a great insight to giving you a right estimate on correct asking prices depending on the area. A lot of this data is compiled from the Land Registry, meaning it should be reliable.

Individual properties may stand out because they may seem much lower in price compared to the other houses that surround them; there will be an underlying reason for this. The most common causes include:

  • The house has been repossessed.
  • The landlord has sold it for a discounted price.
  • It was sold between family members.

In our service, we will guide you with your offering strategy. It may seem nerve-wracking, but it is also a fascinating part of the process.

How to make an offer on a property?

Making a reasonable offer is an integral part of getting the property you liked, but there are certain things you need to consider when you are making an offer on any property that you wish to purchase. It is not enough just to be giving asking price to be the right buyer and stand out from other buyers, but there are other things the seller considers while deciding on choosing the buyer.

Make An Offer On a Property | Submitting an offer:

While you can get submit a verbal offer either in person or on the phone, most of the agents now ask for you to send your request via email these days, for records for both parties. This offer is then taken to the seller who chooses to accept or reject your bid. An agent is liable to pass any offer he received to the seller for their consideration.

How to Stand Out:

The all-set buyer

The seller will take you more seriously if you come across as a well-prepared buyer who can show evidence that they can afford the property with a ‘mortgage agreement in principle’. It would help if you also had a solicitor in place. So you can advance their details when the offer on the property is accepted.

Chain-Free Buyers

Any buyer without the baggage of previous mortgages, first-time buyers in York or buyers with pre-organised mortgages will have a benefit of preference from the seller.

Swift and Easy Processing

Your transactions and agreements will process more swiftly if you are a chain free and organised house, the buyer.

Tip: If the seller is in a hurry to sell or has been trying to sell the property for some time. They might accept a lower offer than the asking price as well. Especially if your purchase will pass through quickly.

Property Value

Some sellers are not constricted by time or other factors and hence will wait for the buyers who can offer a higher price to maximise the value of the property.


No matter what price you are offering for the property, do it with assertiveness and confidence. Most negotiations include several rounds of offers and counter-offers.

Things to Remember When Making an Offer:

While you might be attracted to a particular property, you should always have a budget ceiling in mind. Additionally, this will help you decide the maximum you can offer for a property and if the investment is worth for you in the long term. An agent is required to be transparent and will let you know if other parties are interested in the properties. To help you make your case.

Once the offer is made:

Ensure that it is clear to all parties that the offer is:

  • Subject to Contract (STC) – the final sale gets made when lawyers have exchanged and signed contracts.
  • Subject to Survey – allows any cost for faults and issues to be taken into account.

Once the Offer is Accepted:

Ensure that the agent has taken the property off the market; otherwise, you risk a chance of being gazumped.

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